Fabville is a free to use fabrication space within Somerville High School. With a focus on education, design, and entrepreneurship, the Somerville Fab Lab is focused on engaging people in the creative process of design and prototyping, using its tools and resources to support the creative process.

To get here, enter Somerville High School on east campus (library side) and go down the stairs past the gym to the Voc-Ed wing. FabVille is the last door to the right!

FabVille Schedule:

Mondays: Open Shop 3:00-5:30

Tuesdays: Open Shop 3:00-8:00 pm (EXTENDED HOURS)

Wednesdays: 3:o0-8:00 

Thursdays: 3:00-8:00

Fridays: Closed

Note: Fabville is open when Somerville High School is Open. When Somerville High School is Closed, Fabville is Closed. 

Closed weekends