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Intro to Javascript Session 6: Structured Data (Objects)

Javascript is a flexible and powerful programming language that can run in every web-browser. These features make it a popular tool for developing software of all kinds as well as a convenient and accessible environment for learning how to program.

Week 6: Structured data: Objects. Thursday, November 15, 7-8:30pm. As we put all of these topics and ideas together our programs get more and more complicated and they become harder for us to read and understand. Computer science offers many different tools and techniques for managing this complexity and confusion, one of which is called “Object Oriented Programming.” Topics: objects, functions, arguments, and resources for further exploration

Why Take This Class?  Computer programming is a very broad field with lots of different tools used to solve lots of different problems in lots of different ways, but they all share certain fundamental ideas and use a set of basic skills. The class will be aimed at complete beginners with little to know programming experience and an interest in learning about what writing code is like and how it is done.

You might be interested in this class if:

  • You're considering a longer, more in-depth programming/computer science course. This class is a great way to "get your feet wet" and get a taste of what coding is like before going deeper

  • You work with programmers and programming in a non-programming capacity and want to know more about how the programming side of the work is done

  • You have a software project or idea that you want to work on but don't know how to get started

  • You're just curious -- you want to know more about how computers work, how software is written, or you think it just sounds fun.

NOTE:  This is class 6 of 6.   Visit to sign up for all six classes and get your Javascript Plus credential via Skill Up Somerville.   For questions on registration, email

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