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Genetic Literacy: Essentials of Biology (Session 1 of 3) - Skill Up Somerville Workshop

Please note: This workshop takes place every Monday from 6-8pm for 3 weeks starting on February 25. You must attend all 3 workshops to be eligible for a digital badge.

Agenda: February 25, 6-8pm - Essentials of Biology

March 4, 6-8pm - Ancestry and Geneology

March 11, 6-8pm - DNA Decisions

Are you perplexed about the issues around DNA analysis, such as the genealogy and health claims that you see daily? This program is a series of three, 2-hour workshop sessions designed for those interested in learning about the digital tools and genetic knowledge necessary for understanding how the fast-growing science of genetics and genomics will impact society and their lives. Decision options around choosing an ancestry DNA analysis provider, or submitting your DNA to various health or wellness services, will be explored. The workshop will include active learning experiences and hands-on training to supplement lecture and reading materials.

Geared towards folks who are beginners in understanding DNA in the context of genetics, health, and ancestry. Basic features of DNA and variation will be introduced to offer the framework for understanding DNA testing outcomes.

Each session will be led by a biologist with a PhD, who has also had their DNA tested and understands the issues we face.

Outcomes from Genetic Literacy include:

  • understanding basic concepts surrounding DNA, genes, and genetic terminology.

  • exploring how genetics impacts identity and ancestry, and examining popular genealogy web sites.

  • knowing how to assess health-related DNA claims, using digital tools.

  • getting acquainted with strategies to identify quality sources of public information relating to DNA and health issues

  • becoming aware of the potential risks associated with DNA data and related privacy concerns.

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