Meet our FabVille Community Members

P and C crew pic.png

In the first three weeks we've been open, we've seen 52 attendees, half of which are first timers to FabVille. We've held 2 intro classes: 3D Jeweler Making, DIY nightlight making, and next up: Arduino Robotics! Stay tuned for news and updates to classes by signing up for our newsletter and checking our calendar of events page

Now that we're back, we're thrilled to have three dedicated community managers leading programming and project assistance. These three individuals bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in the maker movement and education. Here they are!


Bissrat is a bio engineer turned educator who is passionate about increasing accessibility to the maker movement. She grew up in California before moving to Boston for graduate school. In her free time, she enjoys painting, yoga, building/tinkering, and cooking.


 Katie was a critical theory nerd before she decided to make the leap from books to building stuff. After a long flirtation with public radio she stumbled happily into the world of maker education.  She enjoys tinkering with electronics, teaching people how to 3D print, and building stuff in the shop. 


Will worked in alternative education, ice cream, architecture, and software design before founding Parts and Crafts in 2009.  In his spare time he enjoys doing pretty much the same things he does at Parts and Crafts — writing software, teaching friends, building things, playing and designing games.